Thursday, 11 May 2017

The absurdity of election coverage …

As someone who has fought a lot of elections for Mebyon Kernow, both at local and parliamentary level (Westminster and European), I have worked ridiculously hard to generate coverage in the mainstream media. And it has been very, very difficult to get fair coverage for MK.

Today, MK announced that it would not be contesting seats at the 2017 General Election. It was not an easy decision. The statement can be found at: Statement on General Election

As a consequence, I have spent much of the day dealing with the media. I did a live interview with Radio Cornwall at 7.00 this morning, and I have also recorded interviews with both ITV (top left) and BBC Spotlight (top right).

It all seems so strange. We pretty much got zero coverage of our local election campaign on television and really struggled to get meaningful coverage during previous elections - even when we announced candidates!

And yet we announce we are not going to do something – we get much more coverage.

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