Saturday, 4 May 2013

Matt Luke - MK's second unitary councillor in Clay Country

Delighted that MK’s newest unitary councillor is my good friend, Matt Luke. Matt is 46-year-old Cornishman, who has served on Treverbyn Parish Council for the last fourteen years. He also represented the Parish on Restormel Borough Council for two years from 2007 until the Council’s abolition in 2009.

A conscientious councillor, he has been involved with a large number of local organisations, including the committee of Trethurgy Village Hall as well as the Eden Neighbourhood Forum.

The result was:

Matt Luke (MK) – 356 votes
Chris Rowe (Liberal Democrat) – 295 votes
Jamie Hanlon (Conservative) – 165 votes

The previous result in 2009 was:

Chris Rowe (Liberal Democrat) – 398 votes
Peter Sinclair (Conservative) – 320 votes
Matt Luke (MK) – 288 votes
Shirley Bowden (Labour) – 67 votes

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