Sunday, 22 April 2012

“Pasty Tax:” Nick Clegg disowns Lib Dem leaflet from Cornwall

The Liberal Democrat Leader today appeared on the Sunday Politics show. He spoke in favour of the “Pasty Tax,” which he said was a Coalition policy which he had sanctioned. He also distanced himself from the Liberal Democrat leaflet distributed in a recent Truro by-election.

The exchange was as follows:

Andrew Neil: You signed off of the “Granny Tax.

Nick Clegg: Yes.

Andrew Neil: The “Caravan Tax.”

Nick Clegg: Yes.

Andrew Neil: The “Pasty Tax."

Nick Clegg: Yup.

Andrew Neil: And the Charity cap.

Nick Clegg: Yes. Yes.

Andrew Neil: You signed off on all of that. And if you did that, why then is this leaflet from your party … issued by the Lib Dems in Cornwall – “Stop the Tories taxing our pasties.”

Nick Clegg: I clearly disagree with that because as you quite rightly point out that was a Government decision - not popular in Cornwall - I dare say that you might be able to find some Conservative candidates who will be campaigning against this so-called “Pasty Tax.”

Nick Clegg: … Of course, I disagree with a leaflet which somehow suggests that the budget is not a Coalition budget …

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