Sunday, 1 April 2012

Cornwall Council rules out development at Ruthvoes and Quoit

I have welcomed the announcement from Cornwall Council that it has ruled out the development of stand-alone “eco-standard communities,” including one at Ruthvoes and Quoit Farms - part of which falls in my division.

The Ruthvoes and Quoit Farms proposal was one of a number of proposed“eco-standard communities” that had been added into the recent Core Strategy consultation by planning officers.

There was uproar within communities across Cornwall at such imappropriate and unsustainable growth. Elected councillors were also extremely angry that the proposed sites had been added into the consultation paperwork after the councillors had commented and they were not informed of this fact. They were allowed no option to object to their inclusion within the consultation.

At the last Full Meeting of Cornwall Council (27th March) Mark Kaczmarek (the Cabinet Member with responsibility for Planning) included the following statement within his report to councillors concerning the Core Strategy.

“These papers also included, in error, sites that had been submitted to the Council as potential ‘eco settlements’ which had not been considered by the authority. I understand these caused concern and as such I do not intend to take these forward further as part of the Core Strategy.”

I have also written to Mr Kaczmarek requesting him to send letters to all residents within the affected areas confirming that no stand-alone ‘eco-communities’ will ever be considered in such areas.

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