Thursday, 29 March 2012

MK Deputy Leader condemns Coalition on Pasty Tax

Mebyon Kernow Deputy Leader Andrew Long has challenged Conservative and Liberal Democrat members in Cornwall to disassociate themselves from the actions of the Coalition Government – in particular, the plan to impose 20% VAT on the sale of hot Cornish pasties, as well as a host of other damaging policies such as the imposition of regional pay.

Cllr Andrew Long said: “The introduction of the ‘Pasty Tax’ shows just how out-of-touch the Coalition Government is. This tax would be devastating to the Cornish economy, and it is a disgrace that the Government doesn’t care. It did not even consider the implications of the tax before the budget announcement.”

Cllr Long has described himself as heartened that the “Pasty Tax” had become a key talking point across the whole of the United Kingdom, but added he was angry at the disrespectful attitude of the Prime Minister and his Chancellor.

“We also consider it a disgrace that millionaire politicians Cameron and Osborne are so disrespectful towards Cornwall and its national dish, casually refusing to reverse plans for this detrimental and damaging tax. And very worryingly, public statements by the Prime Minister have clearly demonstrated that he is ill-informed and does not know where VAT is applied and where it is not applied.”

Cllr Long was also critical of the actions of Cornish MPs. He said: “Local Conservative and Liberal Democrat MPs are having a lot to say on this issue, but they seem to have forgotten that it is a Conservative and Liberal Democrat Coalition Government which will be imposing this tax.

“It was only last year that Cornwall’s six MPs appeared to be campaigning against the creation of a Cornwall and Devon cross-Tamar parliamentary constituency. But in the House of Commons they then meekly voted in favour of the legislation to undermine Cornwall’s territoriality.

“I fear that Cornish MPs will do the same on the Pasty Tax – to seek publicity by campaigning against the tax in Cornwall while supporting their Parties’ plans when in Westminster.”

“Conservative and Liberal Democrat members in Cornwall really need to disassociate themselves from the actions of the Coalition Government. But most of all, Cornwall needs politicians that will stand up and fight for Cornwall. The only choice is Mebyon Kernow – the Party for Cornwall.”

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