Monday, 12 March 2012

A Core Strategy for Cornwall?

The closing date for Cornwall Council’s consultation on its Core Strategy was just over a week ago. Mebyon Kernow responded in considerable detail and branded the document unsustainable.

To give you a sense of what MK said, shown below is a short extract.

Cornwall Council claims that the Core Strategy would put “cultural distinctiveness at the heart of place shaping.” The document is also littered with claims, for example, about taking a “lead on the green agenda,” “tackling issues such as climate change,” and delivering “affordable homes, jobs and infrastructure while safeguarding the environment.”

But the claims to be “green” or “sustainable” are false and undermined by Cornwall Council’s commitment to unsustainable levels of housing growth and the development of, at least, 48,000 new properties over the next twenty years.

Mebyon Kernow seeks a breathing space from the large-scale development of open market properties and calls for the prioritisation of affordable local-needs housing.

MK’s detailed response to the consultation is available on request from

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