Monday, 5 December 2011

MK challenges Cornish MPs on Devonwall seat

Mebyon Kernow Deputy Leader Cllr Andrew Long has challenged Cornwall’s MPs to take a lead and pledge to vote against any proposals for a Devonwall parliamentary constituency.

Cllr Long makes clear our view that the recommendation of a Devonwall seat has only happened because of the refusal of Conservative and Liberal Democrat MPs / Lords to protect the territorial integrity of Cornwall when the Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Bill was debated.

In his letter, he addresses the fact that MPs will have a vote in 2013 as to whether proposed changes are accepted.

“It has been well reported that there is a growing anxiety amongst MPs about the final outcome of the boundary review. It has also been suggested that many, who face losing their seats and livelihoods, might oppose the legislation. Tory Minister Ian Duncan Smith has even appealed to the Prime Minister to ditch the change.

“There is still hope that we can prevent a Devonwall seat becoming a reality. Will you take a lead in publicly opposing the boundary changes and pledge now that you will use your vote in the House of Commons to oppose any recommendation for a Devonwall seat?”

We will let one and all know the responses when we receive them.

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