Thursday, 9 August 2007

The strange things people say

Recent comments about the ‘unitary council’ bid have left me variously annoyed, amused and just plain confused.

I was less than impressed by Andrew George’s comments in last week’s Cornishman newspaper in which he claimed that Cornish Assembly campaigners had joined in ‘opportunistic’ criticisms of the unitary proposal while not setting out a ‘realistic route’ to show how the objective of a Cornish Assembly might be achieved.

I would remind him that Mebyon Kernow – the Party for Cornwall has been consistent throughout this entire unfortunate episode, arguing that Cornwall needs devolution – not local government reform.

Perhaps Andrew might like to explain to us exactly how his support for the centralisation of local government in Cornwall will deliver devolution when the Department of Communities and Local Government has already made it clear that there will be no extra powers for the new unitary authorities.

And then there was the Mayor of Newquay, a part-time supporter of the unitary bid who believes that Newquay might be allowed to declare UDI. At a recent meeting of Restormel Borough Council, he stood up and declared that he wished to “devolve power to the lowest common denominator.”

Meanwhile, Bert Biscoe has stayed determinedly positive. Commenting on the success of the County Council’s Bid, he concluded with the following paragraph:

“The Liberal Democrats promised to deliver a Cornish Assembly. This will be done by persuasion with an excellent and compelling case. Posturing gets nowhere in the real world. So, away with the elderflower champagne! Let’s get the collective brain in gear – it’s time to step across the unitary stone and head for the Assembly on the other bank, via the Cornish dispersed city region. The ball is firmly in Cornwall’s and Mr Whalley’s court.”

Elderflower champagne … unitary stone … dispersed city region … Whalley! I would be grateful if anyone could provide me with a translation.


loicjrich said...
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loicjrich said...

Crikey, you summed up that strange swirl of babble coming from the London parties (probably can be translated as oh, we messed up, now let's try and say something, anything, that might sound not as silly as what's actually happening to Cornish democracy) pretty well.

This whole shambles proves at times like these MK are the party that stick to what they say and believe in.