Wednesday, 1 August 2007

A Cultural Strategy for Cornwall?

Mebyon Kernow – the Party for Cornwall has strongly objected to the latest new strategy document from SW quangoland entitled ‘People, Places and Spaces - A Cultural Infrastructure Strategy for the South West.’

Are you ready for this …

The authors of this document have looked at the 21 Strategically Significant Cities and Towns (SSCT) identified by the South West Regional Assembly (SWRA) in the Regional Spatial Strategy (RSS) and merged some of the SSCTs in the eastern part of the ‘South West’ to create ten Planning Areas for Culture (PAC). One PAC will see the Plymouth SSCT ‘look after’ South East Cornwall and then there is, of course, the PAC centred on the ‘Truro & Camborne / Pool / Redruth & Falmouth / Penryn’ SSCT.

Not sure how to comment further on that!

We have made the suggestion that that they put their document in the bin and instead support the production of a Cultural Strategy for the historic Celtic nation of Cornwall? That can’t be too complicated!


Loic said...
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Loic said...

This is ridiculous, and ignores Cornish culture and the Cornish identity. What is a South West culture? There isn't one. If they want to dream one up then fine, but leave us out of it, we've got our own culture and distinct identity. Why should our way of live be destroyed for the sake of a public funded, publicly ignored, and probably pointless QUANGO?

A cultural strategy for Cornwall would be welcomed, if there has to be one at all!

Lors said...

I am Breton and we have the same problem in France where they want to dilute Brittany (which has already lost Nantes and its area) into the "Grand Ouest". This is just ridiculous and shows how stupid our politicians are, wasting our time and money and destroying our wonderful cultures. Who are they to tell us what we should do in our own country? You have all my support. Bevet Kerne-Veur! Bevet Breizh!