Tuesday, 28 April 2015

"Vile rant" at Camborne and Redruth hustings

Mebyon Kernow was mentioned in the last edition of the Mail on Sunday. The article was not about what MK stands for, but focussed on a report about the Labour candidate for Camborne and Redruth, Michael Foster. The headline stated that he was “accused of launching 'vile rant' after he was challenged over his £1.5 million home by rival at local hustings.”

The rival was MK’s Loveday Jenkin and she has published her of version of what happened. This can be found at:


For the record, you will see that it was not MK which has made a public issue of this dispute.

Mr Foster has himself denied using foul language to unsettle Cllr Jenkin. On the BBC Sunday Politics programme, when asked “did you say that?” – he answered “there is absolutely nothing in that article with which I agree.” A strange response.

An alternative take on the saga from my good friend Bernard Deacon can be found at:


In Monday’s Western Morning News, there was a two page spread about the “four way marginal” of Camborne and Redruth. It makes mention of the coverage in the Daily Mail, but sadly for Loveday, her only mention was in the “also standing” context in the last paragraph.

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