Sunday, 19 April 2015

Update on media coverage on the BBC

A few days ago, I had a long discussion with Leo Devine, the Head of BBC South West, about the (i) lack of coverage of Mebyon Kernow on BBC TV in the period leading up to the General Election and within the campaign period itself, as well as (ii) the exclusion of an MK spokesperson for the upcoming South West “Question Time” debate, which will take place in late April.

I could not persuade Mr Devine to include MK on the panel, but he reaffirmed that a “short recorded statement” would be included on the programme. He also confirmed that a member of MK in the audience would definitely be able to ask a question.

We are not happy with this – as it puts MK at a massive disadvantage – and I intend to keep lobbying. But we have no option other than to take what publicity we can muster.

Mr Devine also reaffirmed that a Spotlight film would be produced about MK and its election campaign, which he intimated would be meaningful.

I am being interviewed tomorrow by BBC SW for this coverage.

Over the last week, I can report that Mebyon Kernow has achieved some coverage on local radio and television news.

I did an interview for BBC SW on Monday. This was around the time that the two MK videos were released and a short snippet of the interview was broadcast on the same day on Spotlight. A second snippet was featured on today’s Sunday Politics – which should soon be available on the BBC iplayer.

Three candidates for Cornish seats were in the studio today – Conservative, Liberal Democrat and UKIP – to discuss devolution. I would recommend you have a look at how candidates for the political establishment fail to address or even understand the devolution debate.

In terms of Radio Cornwall, which does give MK fair coverage, this week's coverage included two hustings debates (Andrew Long in SE Cornwall and me in  St Austell and Newquay) and an early morning interview on Friday about the manifesto.

I was pleased with how I performed at the St Austell and Newquay debate and would like to thank everyone who has complemented me on what I said. I was able to make a number of additional comments in the debate – perhaps more than some of the other candidates – though sadly, in the final edit, a number of these were edited out for “balance.”

The broadcast version can still be heard at:

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