Monday, 20 April 2015

Mebyon Kernow calls for cancellation of “eco-community” project

MK Councillor Matthew Luke will today call on Cornwall Council to withdraw the planning application for a so-called 1,500 – 1,800 property eco-community near Penwithick and to cancel the project for good.

Cllr Luke who represents Penwithick and Boscoppa on the unitary authority says: “There is a so-called ‘eco-community’ in the planning system because central government imposed the concept of an eco-town on the mid Cornwall area. This was specified in an eco-towns planning policy statement (PPS) and the principle of development was therefore fully established.

“But in early March, the Coalition cancelled the PPS. This means that the policy basis for the whole development has been called into question and, as the local councillor, I am calling on the unitary authority to withdraw the planning application and to permanently quash its plans for the development.”

As a long-standing opponent of the development, I am very pleased to back Matt's call for an end to the eco-town project. There is little or no local support for this scheme. Over 700 letters of objection have already been received and it is time that Cornwall Council respected this significant level of opposition and withdrew the planning application.

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