Sunday, 19 April 2015

MK coverage on ITV?

A couple of months before the General Election, a journalist from ITV SW told me that they hoped to do a specific news story about Mebyon Kernow. But I understand that the editorial team changed their minds and I was then told that MK would get some coverage as part of election's constituency profiles.

However, this week I was phoned by a reporter from ITV who said that in the St Austell and Newquay seat they would be doing an outside broadcast from St Austell Brewery on this coming Thursday. I was told it would not be a constituency profile as such, but would feature issues around the economy and jobs. Featured in the broadcast would be the Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat and UKIP candidates for the St Austell and Newquay seat, but the contribution from me and the Green candidate would be a short pre-recorded snippet inserted into the piece.

Once again, MK candidates are not being treated with anything approaching fairness.

I have complained and spoken to the reporter three times this week. She has told me that I will be contacted by one of the main editorial team to discuss my happiness.

For information, I have not yet been contacted by ITV.

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John Boocock said...

Dick, exactly the same sort of thing is happening with BBC Radio Leeds here in Yorkshire. Democracy seems to have gone out of the window.....