Thursday 9 May 2024


Time period: 25th March – 28th April 2024

1.0 Council and other meetings

Over the last month, I have attended a range of physical meetings. At Cornwall Council, these have included Full Council, Central Sub-Area Planning Committee, Constitution and Governance, China Clay Area and Luxulyan Community Area Partnership (CAP), a meeting about a White Paper seeking greater devolution for Cornwall and a training day for councilllors.

I have also attended a range of online Cornwall Council meetings via Teams video-conferencing. These included a meeting of the funding panel for the China Clay Area and Luxulyan CAP, a briefing in advance of the last Full Council meeting, Group Leaders meeting, a meeting for councillors from the China Clay Area and a training session on mineral planning.

Other physical meetings have included Annual Assemblies for both St Dennis and St Enoder Parishes, St Dennis Parish Council, St Enoder Parish Council (2), the working group for a Neighbourhood Plan for St Dennis (2) and the St Dennis and Nanpean Community Trust (incinerator fund),

In addition, I have had informal meetings with a wide range of groups and individuals.

2.0 20mph speed limits

The administration at Cornwall Council is committed to rolling out 20mph speed limits in towns and villages across Cornwall. Detailed proposals have just been published for the China Clay Area. It has been recommended that such speed limits will cover large areas of St Dennis and Trerice Terrace; Fraddon, Indian Queens, St Columb Road, Summercourt and Trevarren. A new 40mph limit is also suggested along Parka Hill, between Fraddon and St Columb Road.

More details on the consultation can be found at

The consultation started on 16th April and will run until 10th May. I am encouraging people, whether they are in favour or against the proposal, to respond to the consultation.

3.0 Renewable energy

Last month, I reported that I had requested a meeting with representatives of Celtic Sea Power, a company which is leading on a project relating to the off-shore generation of energy that may link into the Indian Queens Power Station. I can report that a meeting has been arranged for 14th May.

4.0 Cornwall Local Plan

Last month, I also reported back on the work towards a new Local Plan. I can confirm that there was a briefing for local parish councils at the last meeting of the China Clay Area and Luxulyan CAP, held on 22nd April.

5.0 National minority status

Over the last month, I have also been involved with activities to mark the tenth anniversary of the recognition of the Cornish as a “national minority” by the UK Government through the Council of Europe’s Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities. In particular, I have been raising concerns about how the UK Government has (i) failed to meet its obligations to the Cornish as set out in the Framework Convention and (ii) failed to keep promises made in 2014.


6.0 St Dennis Neighbourhood Plan

I am pleased to have attended two meetings of the working group for a Neighbourhood Plan for St Dennis. We will soon be commencing work on a new document, setting out the “direction of travel” for the Plan, which will then form the basis of the next consultation. Progress with the document will be considered at our next meeting at the end of May.

7.0 Multi-use trail to the Goss Moor

I am continuing to work with the Parish Council with regard to the project to create a multi-use trail between St Dennis and the Goss Moor national nature reserve. Following discussions with staff at Cornwall Council, I have drafted letters for the Parish Council to send to the owners of sections of the trackbed to see if they would be willing to partner with us on this project.

In addition, I am liaising directly with Network Rail and Natural England.

8.0 Signs

A resident has contacted me about the need for village signs at Enniscaven. This was discussed at the last meeting of the Parish Council and it was also felt that it might be nice to have signs at some other locations as well, plus “Welcome to St Dennis Parish” signs at various points into the Parish. I have been working on a report that will be discussed at the next Parish Council meeting.

9.0 Waste bins

In addition, some residents have asked the Parish Council about the possibility of extra waste bins in St Dennis. I am working with the Parish Clerk on a formal request to the unitary authority for a number of additional bins.

10.0 Cornish Lithium

I attended an update meeting with staff from Cornish Lithium at their offices on 27th March and, as the local Cornwall Councillor, I have accepted a place on their proposed Community Liaison Group. The first meeting of this group will be taking place on 2nd May.

11.0 Litter picking

I was pleased to attend St Dennis Parish Council’s community litter pick on 10th April. I really enjoyed clearing the stretch of road between the Domellick car park and the entrance to the power station – a distance of about 200m.

I had cleared this area only 12 months ago, but I was still able to pick up five bags of waste, some shelving and a few fragments of cars (see above).


12.0 Central Sub-Area Planning Committee

I referred the application for five dwellings off Pit Lane, Indian Queens (PA23/09094), to a meeting of the above committee, which took place on 8th April. This proposal is on land that had been part-developed without first securing planning permission in the past. The Parish Council raised a strong objection to this proposal and Cllr Ross Wimberley spoke at the meeting.

The application was recommended for approval, but there was a unanimous refusal from the Cornwall Councillors on the committee – bar one abstention. The reason for refusal was as follows:

"The application site is in the countryside and the proposal, by reason of introducing up to five new homes onto the site, would harm the character of the site and surrounding landscape. The proposal is not 'rounding off' of a settlement under Policy 3 in the Cornwall Local Plan Strategic Policies 2010-2030 and/or Housing Policies 2 and 3 of the St Enoder Parish Neighbourhood Plan as a barrier does not exist along the southern boundary of the application site to prevent further residential development in the future and as the nearest settlement envelope to the site is some 100 metres away to the north. It is also not development of previously developed land immediately adjoining a settlement under Policy 3 in the Cornwall Local Plan Strategic Policies 2010-2030 due to the separation distance between site and nearest settlement envelope and as the actual extent of previously developed land on the application site is unknown. In the absence of special circumstances to allow new homes in the countryside, the proposal is contrary to the aims and intentions of policies 2, 3, 7, 12 and 23 of the Cornwall Local Plan Strategic Policies 2010-2030; Housing Policy 2, Housing Policy 3, Landscape Policy 1 and Landscape Policy 2 of the St Enoder Parish Neighbourhood Plan 2018-2030; and paragraphs 135 and 180 of the National Planning Policy Framework 2023."

13.0 Sea View Terrace

For many years, I have been making representations about the road at Sea View Terrace on the road between Fraddon and St Stephen. Highway officers have carried out an assessment and it was chosen as one of 30 locations across Cornwall for a “local safety scheme.” A consultation was recently undertaken around a new 40mph speed limit through the settlement, enhanced gateway signage and improved parking for local residents.

14.0 Thomas Playing Field, Summercourt

In 2019, St Enoder Parish Council installed new play equipment in the playing field in Summercourt. There have been some problems with the installation, which included the rusting of some of the equipment, some slumpage in the groundworks and the discoloration of the safety surface. Cllr Mark Kessell and I have been making regular representations to the suppliers and a site meeting was held on 28th March.

I am pleased to report that the company has confirmed that it will be revisiting the site to carry out significant repair / improvement works in the near future.

15.0 Newsletter

I have just produced a newsletter, which I am now distributing around St Enoder Parish.


16.0 Advice

In addition, I have assisted numerous households and individuals with guidance and advice on a range of topics.

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