Thursday, 4 March 2021


The 2021 census offers an opportunity for individuals to describe themselves as Cornish, but we need to correct one element of the advice that we have published.
Campaigners were given to understand, from the ONS, that the online census would contain a range of prompts and, for the national identity question, the supporting text would give “Cornish” as one of the examples of an “Other” nationality.

Yesterday, we found out that this was not true and that there had been a “misunderstanding.” The reference to Cornish as a possible “Other” national identity will appear in guidance, hidden elsewhere on the census website. It will not promote the write-in / type-in option to people as they fill out the forms.

Feeling pretty let down by the Office of National Statistics at the moment and I can assure one and all that formal complaint representations will soon be prepared.

But at this time – irrespective of the ONS – we must continue to do everything that we can to encourage as many people as possible to record their Cornishness on the census.

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