Thursday, 5 April 2018

ONS confirm decision on tickbox has not yet been made

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) has today confirmed that it has not yet made a decision about whether there should be a Cornish tickbox on the 2021 census.

This confirmation followed a programme entitled “Thinking Allowed” which was broadcast on Radio Four yesterday (Wednesday 4th April at 4.00), on which a representative of the ONS stated it was actively considering a potential four additional tickboxes for the next census [Jewish / Roma / Somali / Sikh].

This statement was not fully accurate and based on an old briefing, published at a time when the ONS was not actively reviewing the request for a Cornish tickbox.

The Office of National Statistics has added that the full content of the ethnicity / national identity questions haven’t yet been decided, it is continuing to listen and engage with communities to inform its decision, and will soon be meeting with representatives of Cornwall Council to discuss the evidence on this matter that had been submitted to it.

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