Saturday, 28 October 2017

Mebyon Kernow statement on Catalonia

Following the events of Friday 27th October in Catalonia and Spain, which saw the Catalan Government declare independence and the Spanish state impose direct rule, MK has expressed its support for the processes of democracy and called on the international community to respect the democratic wishes of the residents of Catalonia.

Spokesperson Cllr Loveday Jenkin has released the following statement on behalf of the Party for Cornwall.

“Mebyon Kernow has made it clear that we believe it is not for MK or any other political party in the UK to support, or indeed object, to independence for Catalonia.

“However, we fully support the right of the people of Catalonia to decide their own political future in a peaceful and democratic manner.

“The present situation is a complex one, especially given that many people in Catalonia boycotted the recent referendum vote.

“But we remain shocked at the actions of the Spanish state, both during the referendum and in more recent days when it has failed to enter into a meaningful dialogue with the Catalan Government, jailed some political opponents and imposed direct rule on the area.

“It our view that the international community, including the United Kingdom and the EU, need to come together to help to find a way forward that respects the democratic wishes of the residents of Catalonia.”

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craig weatherhill said...

Well said, Dick and Loveday. May I also say that Loveday's performance on Any Questions last night did MK's public image the power of good - and in the face of appalling ignorance from Jonathan Dimbleby who even went as far as to brand Rob Lawrance's courteous greeting in Cornish, and translated for his benefit, as "political" (let alone his shocking "Party for Wales" gaff)! Loveday's lucid, sensible and well considered answers probably made many people see MK in a new light.