Thursday, 7 September 2017

MK press release opposing police merger

The Mebyon Kernow press release opposing the merger of the “Devon & Cornwall” and Dorset police forces has been sent out. It is as follows:

The leader of Mebyon Kernow has hit out at the proposal to merge the “Devon & Cornwall” and Dorset police forces, and challenged central government to properly fund policing in Cornwall.

Chief Constables Shaun Sawyer and Debbie Simpson issued a statement said the merger was inevitable because of deep cuts to their funding from the Conservative Government.

In a statement issued today, Cllr Dick Cole said:

“Prior to the Conservatives coming to power in 2010, they promised to protect policing. The-then shadow Home Secretary Nick Grayling pledged to put ‘more police on the street … fighting crime and protecting local communities.’

“But since then, public desks at police stations have closed, the number of police officers has fallen drastically, PCSOs are being phased out and now we have added insult of a proposed merger of forces – with the blame being placed on government under-funding.

“These broken promises have had a devastating on local policing and the Westminster Parliament should be ashamed.”

Mebyon Kernow is calling on local people to oppose the merger and to challenge central government to provide increased funding for a Cornwall Police Force.

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