Monday, 27 February 2017

Update on “eco-community” planning application

Eco-Bos Development Ltd has submitted a host of additional information to Cornwall Council in relation to their proposal for 1,500 so-called “eco-community.”

The unitary authority is reconsulting local residents on this new paperwork, which can also be accessed on the Council’s planning portal under the existing reference of PA14/12186. 
See "eco-community" proposal

It is also my understanding that senior officers are pushing for the application to be referred to a meeting of the Strategic Planning Committee in late March.

Everyone knows that I have strongly opposed the scheme for many years, but it was nonetheless included in the Cornwall Local Plan. This, in effect, means the principle of the development is established.

On a related note, last week’s Planning Policy Advisory Committee discussed the content of “Allocations” Development Plan Document, which included a section on the “eco-community.” Though we were not in opposition to get it struck out – as it is allocated in the Local Plan – we were able to get a couple of slight changes to the document which will be referred to the Council’s Cabinet on 16th March.

In particular, the document stated that the Great Treverbyn Sky Tip would definitely be retained, and we have been able to also ensure that the smaller sky tips to the south of the site by Ruddle Pit (see above) will also be guaranteed protection.

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