Monday, 2 January 2017

“Eco-town” / “Eco-community” in Clay Country rebranded as “Garden Village”

The UK Government has today announced that it has given their stamp of approval to 14 new Garden Villages, which would each contain between 1,500 and 10,000 new properties.

The official press release states that these “Garden Villages” will “have access to a £6 million fund over the next two financial years to support the delivery of these new projects.”

Included on the list is the so-called “eco-town” or “eco-community” at West Carclaze.

The following statements were also included on the press release.

Apparently this announcement would “continue the government's commitment to support locally-led development …”

The money would also be used to “unlock the full capacity of sites, providing funding for additional resources and expertise to accelerate development and avoid delays.”

And “in addition to funding, the Government will provide support in terms of expertise, brokerage and offer of new planning freedoms.”

As someone who has opposed the top-down imposition of the “eco-town” for the best part of a decade, I have already done an interview for Radio Cornwall and set out my continuing opposition to the development. I have been featured in an article in The Guardian.

Make no mistake, this latest announcement simply confirms, once again, that central government and various vested interests are determined to make this development happen.

And they couldn’t care less what the people of the China Clay Area think.

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