Tuesday, 26 July 2016

MK spokesperson dumped from Friday’s Any Questions

In recent years, Mebyon Kernow has made numerous representations to the BBC about the lack of coverage afforded to our Party.

I was therefore pleased when Cllr Loveday Jenkin was invited to be a guest on BBC Radio 4’s Any Questions, which will take place at the Tolmen Centre in Constantine on Friday evening (29 July).

But Loveday has just been informed that the invitation has been rescinded and she will no longer be a participant on the programme.

All this mirrors what happened to me in July 2013, when I too had been due to appear on Any Questions but was ditched in the week leading up to the actual broadcast.

We will be making further representations on the unacceptable manner in which we continue to be treated by BBC Any Questions.


Jori Ansell said...

This is incredible! Blatant discrimination against MK, leaving the platform clear for the London parties. We should publicise this as much as possible. JORI ANSELL.

Diggerb said...

Furthers my thoughts that the BBC are not what it seems...I no longer have any confidence in anything I hear from this bunch of jokers who claim to be a British Broadcasting Company...