Saturday, 7 May 2016

What about the human rights of the people who cannot afford a first home?

Today’s Western Morning News covers the potential “court challenge” against the St Ives Neighbourhood Plan, which includes measures to prevent new properties in the town being sold as second homes.

It reports that Steve McTeare of RLT Built Environment Limited is launching the legal challenge and one of the grounds is that the new policy would allegedly impact on the “human rights” of those people who would wish to purchase a second home.

I find it distasteful that Mr McTeare is seeking to undermine the democratically expressed views of St Ives on behalf of the multiple property owning classes.

If he wants to make a stand on the issue of “human rights,” how about backing those people who cannot afford a first home and / or are paying a ridiculous amount of rent which is undermining their wider quality of life.

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Clive's Blog said...

Could not agree more !