Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Update on Devonwall motion to Cornwall Council

At yesterday’s meeting of the unitary authority, my motion opposing the creation of a cross-Tamar parliamentary constituency was referred to the next meeting of the Council’s Constitution and Governance Committee.

The decision was taken by the Chairman and will at least allow the issue to be discussed in greater detail. I have taken the opportunity to request legal advice for the meeting about how we could use the Framework Convention to protect the territorial integrity of Cornwall (and oppose the cuts to funding for the Cornish language).

This meeting will take place on Thursday 12th May, and the findings will be reported back to a meeting of the Full Council on Tuesday 17th May.

Also at yesterday’s meeting, there was also a proposal to set up a Governance Review, which would be tied into the recently commenced review of council size and divisional boundaries.

The report included plans to set up an external group of four individuals to do much of the work for the Review. I was not happy with the proposals which lacked clarity and I successfully moved that the report also be referred to the next meeting of the Constitution and Governance Committee, before being brought back to Full Council on 17th May.

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