Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Examination into Local Plan to resume on Monday 16th May

Like many other people, I have received confirmation that the examination into the Cornwall Local Plan will resume at 2pm on Monday 16th May 2016. The venue will again be the Atlantic Hotel in Newquay.

The message from the programme officer also included the following:

“Hearings will be held for the whole of that week, including on Friday 20th May. Thereafter, the hearings will continue from 2pm Monday 23rd May to Thursday 26th May. No hearings will be held in half term week (30 May - 3 June). If further hearings are necessary they will take place between Monday 6th – Thursday 9th June.

“A draft programme of hearing topics and participants will be prepared by the Inspector during the first half of April. However, he anticipates that issues relating to the overall need for housing in Cornwall and the overall economic strategy will be discussed on Tuesday/Wednesday, 17th/18th May.

“In relation to matters discussed at the hearings in May 2015, the focus of the resumed hearings will be whether the Council’s proposed changes would make the plan sound. The resumed hearings are not an opportunity for matters previously discussed and on which the Inspector has drawn preliminary conclusions to be discussed again, unless there has been a significant change in circumstances/evidence.

“The Inspector will need to consider carefully how to structure the hearings in relation those parts of the plan not previously discussed, taking into account the Council’s proposed changes.”

I will update further when I have more information.


John Payne said...

Thanks Dick,

craig weatherhill said...

I would encourage more emphasis upon the requirements of the FCNM, and especially its Article 16 regarding the alteration of population proportions. There is no doubt that 52,500 more houses, few affordable locally, will adversely alter those proportions hugely. Cornwall Council seems to want to set its own interpretation on that, with John Pollard saying "You must prove intent". Well, both he and the Inspector were fully aware of the FCNM requirements, and the effects of bringing into Cornwall up to 150,000 more people from outside, at the Inquiry in Newquay, after which the Inspector then adds 5,000 more houses than the already unfeasible 47,500. There is the intent!

Also, as much emphasis must be placed upon the total lack of infrastructure proposals to cope with such an increase in housing in just 14 years. Present swerage can;t copw with what we already have, and the midical services are stretched to the limit. How long has Treliske been on black alert? And those 150,000 haven't arrived yet!