Saturday, 12 September 2015

Still the Leader of MK …

For many weeks, the media has been full of the ups and downs of the Labour leadership contest, and later today the result will be known.

Readers of this blog might be interested to know that nominations for the leadership of Mebyon Kernow closed on Thursday. At yesterday’s National Executive Committee, it was confirmed that I have been re-elected unopposed as MK Leader.

This will be officially confirmed at the Mebyon Kernow Conference on 14th November, when I will formally begin my 19th year in charge!

Also elected unopposed have been Cllr Loveday Jenkin as my Deputy Leader, Cllr Andrew Long as Treasurer, and Cllr Stephen Richardson as Party Development Officer.


PaulS said...

Congratulations, Dick, on your re-election.

However, I wonder how healthy it is for the party to have no change in leadership in 19 years and surrounded by an equally persistent group, with the sole exception of Steve. Are there really NO youngsters, no new blood, no new ideas? Or is it the fault of the organisational structure or perhaps the persistently old fashioned image of the party?

It would help if the party thought about adopting a few progressive policies, such as a target for 100% renewable energy for Cornwall, fossil fuel free Cornwall, tentative discussion of plans for a democratic Cornish republic, where money is created by the Government, not by the banks, where 'basic income' is available to all, where multinational companies pay tax on the basis of the Cornish proportion of the turnover, applied to their world wide profits, where agriculture is directed towards 100% organic and permaculture methods with the goal of full self-sufficiency in food in the near future and a few others.

One definition of madness is to carry on in the same manner but expect different results. Hopefully a trap you will avoid.

nixiebs said...

How come nobody actually wanted to stand against the holders of the current - if I may put it this way - "Big 4" roles (sort of)?