Saturday, 13 June 2015

My election expenses return

Friday 12th June was the deadline for candidates at the General Election to submit returns to show how much money they spent on their campaigns. The main reason for this is to demonstrate that candidates kept within the limits set by central government.

Such returns are split between the “long campaign” (defined as between 18th December 2014 and the end of March 2015) and the “short campaign” (defined as the remaining period through to polling day). The large amounts of money spent by the establishment parties in the period leading up to 18th December 2014 are therefore never acknowledged in expense returns. .

In the spirit of total openness, I am publishing my election costs on this blog as well. My total spending was as follows:

Plastic election posters (20/20, Falmouth) - £654
Posters (Palace Printers, Lostwithiel) - £68
Video with Kernow King (Cornish Living TV, Newquay) - £362.50
Party election video; one-fifth share of cost (Cornish Living TV, Newquay) - £72.50
Advert in Mid Cornwall Advertiser - £120
Adverts on Facebook - £149
Leaflets (Palace Printers, Lostwithiel) - £1,180
Leaflets (St Austell Printing Company) - £1,928.85


I am extremely proud that - unlike my opponents - I used Cornish firms for all the leaflets, posters and videos that were produced during the election campaign. And I am also proud that every single penny we spent during the election came from donations from local people, who care passionately about Cornwall and its future.

Thank you all.

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Stephen George Robinson said...

Keeping it Cornish, well done Dick