Tuesday, 31 March 2015

MK has not invited to be on panel of SW Question Time

Following my appearance on yesterday’s BBC Politics Show, I have less positive news to report about the BBC’s election coverage in the “South West.”

BBC South West intends to hold a Question Time style election debate in late April at the University of St Mark and St John in Plymouth. It will be hosted by Justin Leigh and the panel will have a candidate from the following parties: Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat, Green and UKIP.

I did however receive an email inviting me to be a member of the audience and – from discussions – it appears that I, or another member of MK, might be able to ask a question.

To be excluded from the panel means that MK is, once again, to be denied fair and equal access to the media during the election period.

I have already spoken to four representatives of the BBC, but it is fair to say that I do not appear to be getting very far. It is my intention to make a formal complaint about our exclusion as all other parties standing in all Cornish seats will be represented.

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Jonathan Taylor said...

Where's the petition to sign ?Is Cornwall not in the S.W.?