Thursday, 20 March 2014

W1A, Mebyon Kernow and my Radio Cornwall interview

This morning, I was interviewed by Ross Ellis on Radio Cornwall, about the W1A programme that was broadcast on Wednesday evening.  The interview can be found at: and starts at just after 8.30.

It was a generally light-hearted interview and I have included a few extracts below. I even tried the odd joke myself.

“You are not going to get any outrage from me. I sat down expecting a bit of gentle leg pulling, that I’d be laughing along to. And I suppose, not unsurpisingly, as someone who has been involved with Mebyon Kernow their entire adult life I didn’t think it particularly funny.”

Ross Ellis: “You weren’t offended by it though?”
“I don’t think I was. It was just poor and I think maybe we need
to send a few Cornish guys up like Kernow King and possibly Johnny Cowling to give them a few lessons in proper comedy.”

”I am going to try and look on this positively. I lobby the BBC quite often to get fair coverage for MK ... next year is the year of the General Election and almost certainly MK won’t be allowed parliamentary broadcasts even though we will be standing in every constituency in Cornwall - which is the maximum we can do. So I may well be contacting them in the next day or two to say – it would be great if you could confirm that you will be giving MK decent coverage and not living up to the spoof mockumentary that you had on TV last night.”

“And I would say that the guy they had playing what they called the ‘Mebyon Kernow bigwig’ wasn't nearly as handsome as any of the Mebyon Kernow front bench.”

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