Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Shame - Coalition MPs continue to support immoral "bedroom tax"

I am truly saddened that, yesterday, five of Cornwall’s six MPs refused to back a Common’s proposal that the “bedroom tax” be abolished. Newspaper reports state that only two Coalition MPs voted to end the “bedroom tax,” one of whom was Andrew George.

On this occasion, I have to commend Andrew for his “rebellion” and he was right to condemn the so-called “spare room subsidy” as “immoral,”

He said: "The fact is that this spare room penalty, or the bedroom tax, victimises the most marginalised in our communities, undermines family life, penalises the hard-working low-paid for being prepared to stomach low-paid work, masks the excessive cost and disruption to those disabled who have to move from expensively adapted homes and is, in my view, Dickensian in its social divisiveness.”

Well spoken. Sadly – all the other MPs from Cornwall ignored what Andrew had to say and continued to demonstrate their support for the “bedroom tax.” Shame on George Eustice, Stephen Gilbert, Sheryll Murray, Sarah Newton and Dan Rogerson

The motion calling for the abolition was defeated by 252 to 226.

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