Friday, 11 October 2013

No choice at all

On my way home tonight, I felt my hackles rising – again – as I listened to the news on Radio Cornwall, The item was about the privatisation of the Royal Mail – something not even attempted by Margaret Thatcher – but now pushed forward by the Coalition Government and spearheaded by Liberal Democrat MP Vince Cable.

Then I got home, and I picked up my post to find a leaflet / pre-election missive from my local Lib Dem MP Stephen Gilbert. It told me – without any irony whatsoever – that “only the Lib Dems can beat the Tories” in the 2015 General Election.
Really? But isn’t this the MP who, in 2010, proclaimed that “Labour and Mebyon Kernow are out of the race and cannot win. A vote for Labour or Mebyon Kernow will let the Conservatives in through the back door.”

And yet it was the Liberal Democrats who joined up with the Conservatives – leading David Cameron in through the front door of Number 10 – to deliver Conservative policies, in direct contradiction to the vast majority of its election promises and campaign statements.

It seems to me that, according to Stephen Gilbert, the choice in St Austell and Newquay is between Steve and Steve (Gilbert or Double), the Coalition or the Coalition, privatisations or privatisations, cuts or cuts …

Surely St Austell and Newquay can do better?

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