Saturday, 4 August 2012

Failure of Lords reform could scupper plan for Devonwall seat

It has been widely  reported today that David Cameron has withdrawn Conservative support for plans to create a directly elected House of Lords.

Senior Conservatives have told the Liberal Democrats that it would be impossible to get enough Tory support to force the measure through the House of Commons.

Senior Liberal Democrats are meanwhile reported as saying that “Lords reform is effectively dead” but have warned that the move would have “consequences”.

The knock-on of this could be very good news for Cornwall.

It looks increasingly likely that the Lib Dems could kill off Cameron’s self-interested plans to reduce the number of MPs and to change parliamentary constituency boundaries.

And this would mean that the proposed Devonwall constituency would never be created.

Now is the time to reinvigorate the battle against a cross-Tamar constituency and make sure Cornish MPs stand up for Cornwall’s territorial integrity in the coming weeks and months.

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Jude Robinson said...

Dick, how would our MPs stand up against a Devonwall seat when they all voted for the Bill they knew would create it?