Friday, 29 June 2012

Update on the article in the Observer

Following my complaint to the Observer about the disrespectful article which appeared last week, I have raised concerns with the ‘Readers’ Editor’ at the newspaper.

As a consequence, they have acknowledged the fundamental basis of my complaint. The online version of the article has been modified to, in their words, “better reflect the aims of your party.” Various mentions of "independence" and "separation" have been edited out.

They have also acknowledged that the description of Cllr Dr Loveday Jenkin as a "pixie" was demeaning and it has been removed.

The revised article can be re-read at:

It includes the additional comment: “This article were amended on 28 June 2012 to better reflect the stated aim of Mebyon Kernow to campaign for a devolved Cornwall, rather than an independent Cornwall.”

In the paper on Sunday, I have been told that they intend to include the following statement in it’s For the Record corrections column:

“Contrary to the impression given in ‘Free Cornwall!’ (Magazine, last week) the political party Mebyon Kernow is not seeking full independence for Cornwall but self-government through a devolved legislative Assembly.”

I have told them that I consider the ‘correction’ to be limited and less-than-adequate. I have sent a further letter which I have asked to be published on Sunday.

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Lance said...

This article was on a par with AN Wilson the other day saying that the Cornish should be grateful for his ilk and their £650k second homes in Cornwall.(At least he is now selling up!) Good that you have taken up the Observer article with them. It's all an uphill struggle!