Saturday, 26 May 2012

Welsh flag for torchbearers?

I see that Plaid Cymru MP Jonathan Edwards has called on the Olympic Organising Committee to allow torchbearers in Wales to carry the Welsh Flag.

In the Western Mail newspaper, it notes that “earlier this week a bearer had the Cornish flag ripped from his hands by Olympic escorts.” (see

Jonathan said: “For many of the 500 torchbearers that will carry the torch in Wales, this will be highlight of their sporting careers. Many will wish to carry the Welsh flag to show how proud they are to be representing Wales on the relay.”

The response from Locog was that: “We are happy for the torchbearers to be photographed with own flags before and after, but for the 300m when they carry the torch we expect them to wear the torchbearers uniform.”

It is sad that symbols of local nationality are so frowned upon while the corporate feel of the Olympics is so strong.

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Chris said...

They want to carry their flag not wear it! What nonsense!