Thursday 24 November 2011

Loveday Jenkin wins Wendron for Mebyon Kernow

Great news! Loveday Jenkin has been elected as the new Cornwall Councillor for Wendron Division. It was also a resounding win, and was as follows:

Loveday Jenkin (MK) – 427 (36.4% - up 16.5%)
John Martin (Lib Dem) – 262 (22.3% - up 12.3%)
Linda Taylor (Con) – 227 (19.4% - up 3.9%)
Phil Martin (Ind) – 177 (15.1% - down 16.6%)
Robert Webber (Lab) – 80 (6.8% - up 3.8%)

For information, in the previous election in 2009, there was a second Independent who polled 6.9% and a UKIP candidate who polled 13.0%.

Well done to everyone who supported and played their part in the campaign. A massive well done to Loveday. More comment and party to follow!


Jude Robinson said...

Dick, I can't find an email address for Loveday, so hope you will forward my congratulations.

Whatever our political differences, I am sure Loveday will work hard for Wendron and it is also good to see the gender balance at Cornwall Council (and MK) going in the right direction!

All the best

Jude Robinson

Rhys said...

Dick, fraternal greetings from West Wales and congratulations on an excellent result for MK and especially Loveday.
Great to see you moving forward!!
All the best