Monday, 12 September 2011

Tory Ministers guilty of "breathtaking hypocrisy"

Government Ministers including Eric Pickles (Planning), the Chancellor George Osborne and Grant Shapps (Housing) have this week been accused of “breathtaking hypocrisy” by the Guardian newspaper.

Collectively, these men are spearheading moves to relax planning guidelines, making it more difficult for local people to oppose planning applications. But the newspaper reports that they have also been prominent in campaigns against developments in their own areas.

George Osborne has campaigned against two incinerator proposals and was even honorary president of one campaign group.

Eric Pickles meanwhile opposed a composting facility in his Essex constituency, arguing that waste should not carried over long distances.

And yet, this is the man who as Secretary of State, and in spite of widespread local opposition, sanctioned the construction of a massive incinerator at St Dennis.

In an interview with the Western Morning News (2nd July), he has even admitted that he did not read the Inspector’s report, stating that he did “not know the details of St Dennis, as decisions can be taken in his name.”

I believe that Government Ministers are guilty of “breathtaking hypocrisy,” while Eric Pickles is also guilty of negligence and an indifference to areas other than his own.

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