Saturday, 25 June 2011

Fun at Indian Queens Pit

I have just got back from the annual fete at Indian Queens Pit, which was supported by a wide range of local organisations. These included the local branch of the Womens Institute, two playgroups, a pantomime group and a number of charities.

A number of people even allowed themselves to be placed in the stocks including the Chairman of the Pit Association (see right), while our marvellous local Brass Band also performed (see below).

For those of you who do not know the Pit, it is an open amphitheatre that was created out of an old mine working in the early 1850s and has been used by the community ever since. It is well worth a visit.

It is exciting times for us, as we are busy raising funds for a new community building, which will be located within the parking area alongside the Pit.

It will replace the extremely a run-down modular building, a storage building (constructed in asbestos sheeting) and a small, outdated toilet unit.

It is our hope that the new building will be a hub around which we can encourage more individuals and groups to visit and appreciate the monument, whilst also increasing the number of community, music and cultural events taking place at the venue.

Our Association also intends to:

· Produce a commemorative publication about the Pit, containing a large number of historic maps and photographs. We will be approaching local businesses to sponsor the booklet, which will be sold to raise funds for the project.

· Work with the local community to produce a series of display boards about the Pit, its history and the surrounding area, which will be on permanent show within the building.

· Commission a playwright to produce a play about the ‘History of Indian Queens.’ The first performance of the play, involving local people, will be in the Pit and will hopefully mark the opening of the new community building in 2012.

Anyone who wishes to help with the project is welcome to contact me for more information.

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