Monday, 12 April 2010

Double standards?

At the weekend, Lib Dem boss Nick Clegg hit out at Labour politicians, such as Lord Adonis, for claiming that the elections was a ‘two-horse race.’

He has been reported as saying the following:

“Vote with your heart. Don’t be told by politicians like Lord Adonis you’re only allowed to have a choice of two.

“I think it’s really arrogant for Lord Adonis to sort of declare at a time when we have so much choice in our lives – from the holidays we take, from the mobile phones that we choose, from the food that we choose and so on – [that] uniquely in politics, you are only allowed to choose from the red team or the blue team.

“Vote with your heart; vote for the values and the policies you believe.”

I have to say that I totally agree with Nick on this. Sadly, when he was last in Cornwall (see blog entry for 3 April) Mr Clegg said that a vote for MK was “wasted” and that it was only between the gold team or the blue team.

Double standards?

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