Monday, 1 June 2009

Have you had our leaflet?

For the European election, MK has produced 272,200 leaflets (see above) that were passed to the Royal Mail on 20th May for delivery to every property in Cornwall.

The Royal Mail had seven working days to deliver these unaddressed materials - not including weekends and bank holidays. For our delivery, that equates to a total of 9 possible delivery days.

I was initially very impressed when I found that the delivery in many areas was almost instant. Residents in St Dennis received the leaflet on the following day, I received mine within 48 hours and other people, eg. at Lanner and on the Lizard, also reported prompt delivery.

All the leaflets have to be delivered by 1st June, but I have been contacted by MK members in Boscastle, Padstow, Newlyn and Summercourt who have yet to receive the mailing.

If you have not received the leaflet by the end of 1st June, please let me know.

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