Sunday, 23 November 2008

Party Conference

Mebyon Kernow’s Annual General Meeting and Conference took place yesterday at the Shire Hall Suite in Bodmin.

Much of the focus was on the prospect of unitary council elections in (perhaps) October 2009. My own comment was that we should take on the representatives of the London-parties at the ballot box, defeat them and put Cornish Nationalists at the heart of local government in Cornwall.

Following the decision to impose a unitary authority on Cornwall, we debated our policies for self-government and the future of local government in Cornwall. The policy statement agreed at the Conference will be officially published in a few days.

We also agreed to support the Cornish Fighting Fund with a pledge considered and debated the economy, environmental protection, housing, taxation and matter other matters.

The Conference was also attend by five representatives from Plaid Cymru including Steffan Lewis from Plaid Cymru (PPC for Islwyn) and Gwendal Rioual from the Union Démocratique Bretonne in Brittany.

We are very grateful that they attended and pleased that they enjoyed out hospitality at the event.

Group photograph of speakers at the Conference (left to right): Steffan Lewis (Plaid Cymru), yours truly, Cllr Loveday Jenkin (PPC for Camborne and Redruth), Cllr Conan Jenkin (PPC for Truro and Falmouth), Cllr Andrew Long (Chairman of South East Cornwall constituency party) and Gwendal Rioual (Union Démocratique Bretonne).

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