Tuesday, 2 October 2007

A General Election?

The question on the lips of almost all politicians is simply – will there or won’t there be a snap General Election?

There is a real phoney war going on. Gordon Brown appears in the ascendancy but with some leading Tories and Lib Dems calling for an election that they actually do not want. Strange!

I agree with Malcom Rifkind. He has said that "to contemplate a General Election two years after the last General Election when you have a healthy working majority in the House of Commons is a constitutional outrage."

I am a fan of fixed parliaments because I believe that it is simply wrong that the date of polls can be fixed by the incumbent on the basis of narrow political self-interest.

A snap election would also put small parties at a considerable disadvantage to the main political parties and that is also wrong.

But I would say that wouldn’t I?

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