Sunday, 24 June 2012

Disrespectful article about Mebyon Kernow and Cornwall in the Observer

Mebyon Kernow was today featured in an article in the magazine section of the Observer newspaper. Sadly, it is a bad article. It contains errors and badly misrepresents what Mebyon Kernow stands for.

It was written by Robert McCrum, but he clearly chose to ignore what I told him when he visited Cornwall.

In our interview, I explained to him, in considerable detail, that MK was not campaigning for independence, but greater self-government / devolution through a National Assembly for Cornwall.

I am angry that he chose to ignore this and base large parts of his article around vague and unsubstantiated notions of “separation,” “independence,” and an “independent Cornwall.”

I am also appalled that in writing about the director of the St Moritz Hotel at Trebetherick, for example, McCrum states that: “he has a global vision and represents the polar opposite of Mebyon Kernow.” I find it objectionable that he infers MK is not an outward-looking political party.

For the record, he is also disrespectful about the Cornish language and writes that “the inconvenient truth … is that it is about as lively as Monty Python’s parrot.”

And in what century is it acceptable to describe Cllr Dr Loveday Jenkin, a respected professional woman, as “a charismatic MK pixie.”

I could dissect the article in even more detail, but have chosen not to. If you wish to read the article on-line, it can be found at:

In recent months, MK has had positive publicity through a wide range of UK-wide newspapers including the Independent, Telegraph and Times, as well as the Observer’s sister paper, The Guardian.

I have to say, it therefore saddens me greatly (as someone who has read the Guardian / Observer newspapers for most of my adult life) that it is the Observer that has done a hatchet job on the Party that I am proud to lead.

I will be buying the Observer next week to see if they publish my letter of complaint. After that …who knows?


Tewennow said...

What has changed? It is still the same old jealousy perpetrated through lies by these anti-Cornwall imperialist voices to destroy Cornwall and all it stands for. Seemingly they have nothing better to do. I for one would never have anything to do with them.

I hope Dick with his way with words can put this little fellow back into his box. said...

A bit like that snivelling article by A N Wilson last week bemoaning the fact that "the life of Riley" is no more because economic circumstances are forcing him to sell his 7 bedroom holiday home in Port Isaac.

At least that that gives a soupcon of credence to his assertation that second homes keep the Cornish economy afloat by making some work for estate agents, conveyancers and removal men facilitating his hopefully speedy relocation beyond the east bank of the Tamar.