Monday, 25 June 2012

The Coalition needs to rule out regional pay

Mebyon Kernow has challenged the Coalition Government to make a decisive statement confirming that they have ruled out introducing regional pay across the United Kingdom.

The continuing speculation about regional pay is causing great concern in places such as Cornwall, even though the Government is drawing back from such a disastrous policy.

MK Deputy Leader Cllr Andrew Long has today accused local MPs of hypocrisy. In a statement issued today, he said:

“The Labour Party first came up with the concept of regional pay in 2003 and introduced it into the Courts Service in 2007. Thankfully, Labour was persuaded not to take this further.

“The present Chancellor announced he was looking at regional pay in his Autumn Statement, which had been prepared with the full support of senior Liberal Democrats such as Nick Clegg and Danny Alexander.

“Regional pay is only being considered because of the Conservative and Liberal Democrat Coalition, although they are quickly backtracking because of pressure from all corners of the United Kingdom.

“But local Lib Dem MPs are trying to make political capital by campaigning, with maximum hypocrisy, against the proposal of their own Conservative and Liberal Democrat Government, as if it was nothing to do with them!

“We need central government to rule out regional pay for good, and to put an end to the two-faced hypocritical campaigns of local MPs.” 

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Tredanek said...

Regional pay proposals may be receding but now apparantly regional benefits are being considered if the comments by Cameron yesterday are anything to go by! In the words of the old sage 'If they can't screw you going they'll screw you coming back!'