Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Comments on the disrespectful article in the Observer

On the Guardian’s website, there are over fifty comments about the disrespectful article which appeared in the Observer on Sunday. Unbelievably, many are both offensive and racist towards the Cornish. Printed below, however, are three comments from people who have taken the newspaper to task.

“A predictably tiresome sneering and patronising piece from the ever-so-liberal (but not when it comes to the Cornish) Guardian … never let a few facts get in the way of a convenient stereotype. “

“I read the Guardian regularly and I have to say I'm quite disappointed in the quality of journalism shown in this article. There is a constant tone of sarcasm and derision of Cornish culture and heritage throughout the article and some of the information presented as fact is completely untrue.

“As other people have stated, Mebyon Kernow is not campaigning for and does not want independence for Cornwall.

“The conclusion that “[Hugh Ridgway] has a global vision and represents the polar opposite of Mebyon Kernow” implies that MK does not have a global vision, which is inaccurate. Have a look at the Global Justice page on their website and you’ll see what I mean.

“Also, the article noted that ‘Tim Marshall, thinks that Cornwall should cherish its identity, but seems indifferent to Mebyon Kernow, a fairly typical reaction among the locals.’ Maybe it’s because of the mainstream media publishing misrepresentative articles like this that people tend to have that reaction.

“You’re probably thinking I’m a Cornish ‘inbred,’ as some people so politely put it, but I’m not. I moved to Cornwall from Cambridgeshire about ten years ago. I have no family connection with Cornwall (though my Grandmother was evacuated to Cornwall during the war) and I do not consider myself ethnically or culturally Cornish.

“I support Mebyon Kernow because they are campaigning for greater autonomy from Westminster, protection of Cornish culture and identity and they are also campaigning on Socialist principles, something which the three main parties seem to have forgotten about.”

“What a thoroughly condescending article, and predictably it has generated considerable Cornu-phobic racism.

“Observer: I hope you're proud of yourselves. You've let yourselves down badly in terms of your own editorial and journalistic standards.

“It’s not the job of The Observer (or the Guardian) to indulge in stereotyping nor encourage prejudice - that's what the Daily Mail is for. Shame on you.”

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