Sunday, 4 April 2010

Update on leaflets

Some weeks ago, Mebyon Kernow challenged all political parties standing in Cornwall at the coming General Election to make sure that their election literature was printed in Cornwall.

Leaflets (and letters) are still flying around like confetti from the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats – thanks to the Royal Mail. I thought now was a good time to report back on what I have received in the last two-three weeks and whether they were printed locally.

1. A glossy leaflet from Stephen Gilbert (Lib Dem) – printed in Shaftesbury.

2. Two direct mailings (exactly the same) from Caroline Righton (Conservative) - one for me and one for my wife. It contained a letter introducing herself. The first sentence notes that my “name appears on the recently issued register as a new elector” and she speculates that I may have recently moved house, moved into the Constituency or was previously unregistered! It also contained another photocopied sheet offering me a postal vote, as well as a small colour leaflet – printed in Guildford.

3. A single direct mailing from the Lib Dems to my wife and I telling us that Labour and Mebyon Kernow cannot win in St Austell and Newquay. This letter was printed in London! It was accompanied by a risographed A4 sheet also telling me not to vote Labour – or Mebyon Kernow.

4. Hand-delivered to properties in my local parish, there was also a handful of Liberal Democrat leaflets. Two were full colour A4 leaflets – both printed in Shaftesbury. This time, these were accompanied by a risographed A3 sheet also telling me not to vote Labour or Mebyon Kernow.

5. Two more direct mailings (exactly the same) from the Conservatives - one for me and one for my wife. It was a letter / leaflet from George Osborne - printed in Guildford.

6. A direct mailing from Vince Cable. It also kindly offered me help with getting a postal vote and contained a letter - printed in London.

It seems to me that printers in Shaftesbury, Guildford and London seem to be doing well out of the election.

MK’s pledge continues to be a simple one. All leaflets produced by Mebyon Kernow for the General Election will be printed here in Cornwall.

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