Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Support from David Mathews

I am very pleased to be able to report that another former Liberal Democrat councillor on Restormel Borough Council has given his backing to my campaign in St Austell and Newquay.

St Austell’s David Mathews and I served together for four years on the Council. To show his support, David has produced the following statement.

“I met Dick Cole whilst we were Restormel Borough Councillors.

“There were only a few who really stood out head and shoulders above the rest. Dick was one of those. Each time he had something to say it was always informative, often eloquent, and always with passion. I came to admire his knowledge of any given subject, and his ability to question things with great reasoning behind it.

“He clearly cared for the people of Cornwall and this has continued from strength to strength. His integrity is also admirable, and a core part of his life.

“I believe Dick will be around serving the people of Cornwall for a long time, just as he has already been doing for many years. He is therefore the only candidate worthy of our vote in this forthcoming election.

“Vote for Dick Cole and see our area get proper representation, and a proper job done.”

Many thanks for your kind words, David.

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Badham Farm said...

Being an MP means your first loyalty is to those who voted for you . It is a pity more candidates do not remember this. The fact that Lib Dems are acknowledging that dick Cole represents his voters is a positive move.