Monday, 19 April 2010

The Daily Politics

It is now only sixteen full days to the election. From this point, I will do my utmost to blog at least once a day. The campaign is certainly hotting up and I will be doing a number of interviews and taking part in some constituency debates over the next few days.

Today, I travelled to Plymouth to be interviewed (over the wire) by Andrew Neil of the Politics Show. It was a very short interview – shorter than I expected – but I was quite pleased with how I handled the questions. I was also pleased that MK was actually featured on a UK-wide programme.

The interview can be viewed at

The Western Morning News also noted the importance of MK being featured on Mr Neil’s programme in its editorial.

“Nationalist politics in Wales and Scotland have moved from the fringes to centre stage in a few short years. The advent of the Scottish and Welsh parliaments have given those two nations not just assembly members representing their own people in areas of policy devolved to them but also MPs who have an influence on national politics at Westminster.

“The potential benefits of extending that regional influence to Cornwall through the political party Mebyon Kernow will be appealing to at least some in the county.

“It is a measure of how politics has become increasingly fragmented that Dick Cole, the MK leader, wil today face TV presenter Andrew Neil on the Daily Politics Show.

“In Cornwall the Conservatives and the Lib Dems might be looking to slug it out between themselves with MK as mere bystanders.

“But if Mr Cole gets his way he and his candidates could upset the predictions that the major parties hold all the seats. His moment in the spotlight later today won’t do MK’s chances any harm at all.”

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