Saturday, 7 July 2012

Skate park for Summercourt

At the last meeting of St Enoder Parish Council, I was able to report that we have secured funding for skateboard facilities in Summercourt. Printed below is the news report from the Cornish Guardian:

A new £35,000 skatepark will be soon be opening in Summercourt.

St Enoder Parish Council has been working with schoolchildren to get the best facility which will be built at Thomas Playing Field.

Last year, the Council was approached by children who requested facilities similar to those constructed at Indian Queens Recreation Ground in January 2011.

The majority of the money raised for the project has come from two grant applications obtained by councillor Dick Cole. The grants include £15,000 from the Clay Country Local Action Group and £15,000 from the SITA Cornwall Trust.

The Clay Country Local Action Group's contribution came from the Rural Development Programme for England with finance from the European Union and Defra.

The new facility will include a number of ramps on a tarmac surface.
Mr Cole, who met with children at the school on a number of occasions to find out what the children wanted, said: "I am absolutely delighted that we have been successful with the grant applications and that we will be able to deliver this much-requested facility.

"It has been a pleasure to work with the children and staff of Summercourt School and I am confident that this will be a fantastic addition to the playing field."

St Enoder chairman Andrew Waters said: "This is something we have wanted to do for several years and it is fantastic that we have been able to secure funding – a huge thank you to Councillor Cole for all his hard work.

"It means we are getting a £35,000 facility for the children for just £5,000 of council funds which we have been saving for. It is great for the children of this parish and encouraging to see the children of Summercourt School getting so involved."

The work could start in the next few weeks and the council is hoping the skatepark will be open in time for the summer holidays.

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craig weatherhill said...

Good work, Dick. Well done.

Craig Weatherhill