Thursday, 12 July 2012

Funny goings on at County Hall - an update!

Cornwall Council has reversed its position on the validity of the motion passed by the Waste Panel and I understand that the alternative waste management proposal, presented by the Cornwall Waste Forum, will be considered by the Council's ruling Cabinet on 24th July.

A further email from the Head of Legal Services sent out today states the following:

"Having considered this matter carefully, I am prepared to allow the recommendations to Cabinet to stand as formal resolutions of the WDAP.

"I am mindful that the WDAP has made recommendations which effectively cannot be carried forward or implemented until they have been considered by Cabinet. I am satisfied that the very important legal, financial and other factors inherent in those recommendations can be appropriately considered by Cabinet before a decision is taken whether they are accepted.

"I apologise for any concern caused by the content of the email and would assure everyone that my officers were acting entirely in the interests of ensuring effective decision-making. Any accusations or implications that certain officers and/or Members were acting with anything other than complete integrity in this matter are wholly unjustified."

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