Monday, 9 May 2011

Well done to the SNP

Voters went to the polls on Thursday 5th May and, since then, some politicians have been making a lot of noise, while others have been deathly quiet.

As the leader of MK, I would like to congratulate Alex Salmond and the SNP for their breathtaking performance in Scotland, winning 68 of the 123 seats and an overall majority in the Scottish Parliament. Truly remarkable.

Such was the extent of the SNP victory, the leaders of the Labour, Lib Dems and Conservative Parties in Scotland have all announced they will be standing down in the near future.

Sadly in Wales, Plaid Cymru has slipped back a little winning eleven seats in the Welsh Assembly. A disappointing result, but there had been a few hundred more votes, here and there, they could have won a couple more list seats in South Wales.

I am however confident that Plaid will bounce back as the true Party of Wales.

Here in Cornwall, we only got to vote in the AV referendum. As I have written before, I was part of the 30% which voted voted YES in Cornwall.

I could say a lot about the poor arguments made by campaigners for a YES vote and the orchestrated misinformation from the NO campaign … “£130 million for voting machines we are not going to buy.” But then again, what would be the point.

The second biggest story of recent days, after the SNP victory, was the significant collapse of the Liberal Democrat vote, particularly in Scotland and the North of England.

But what saddens me most of all was that, on 5th May, MK councillors should have been defending seats on Cornwall’s district councils. But this was not to be because of their shameful abolition by local Liberal Democrats in league with the Labour Party.

If only these elections had been held. I do wonder just how badly the Lib Dems would have done here?


Madder do ee said...

Very badly indeed. But let's not focus on the past.

MK is the only party that has a positive vision for Cornwall's future. The focus is now Cornwall Council. I long for the day that "MK gain Cornwall" flashes up on the BBC election coverage. I'd like to see the look on David Dimbleby's face!

Kernow said...

MK Gain Cornwall!

That would be the best news for Cornwall since Doris Ansari stood down.

Andrew George would be better served leaving the detested Lib\Dems and coming back into the MK fold.

The next scheduled full unitary elections are due to take place in May 2013. Two years for MK to get their strategies and policies in place to mount a serious challenge to gain Cornwall.

All those of us with weblogs, websites etc, can assist in helping MK to get the message across to the people of Cornwall.

Alan Sanders said...

dick it was 69 seats with 1,777,320 votes to the SNP they can not find a commitee room big enough to hold there meetings in