Friday, 20 May 2011

Incinerator gets the go-ahead - update

I have just found out that Eric Pickles has given the go-ahead for an incinerator to be built near St Dennis. He has gone with the recommendation of the Inspector who recommended that it be approved.

Like many people, I am now reading through the 427 page decision document and finding so many assertions with which I simply do not agree. In truth, I am struggling to come to terms with what has been sanctioned.

Local people raised reason after reason why the incinerator should not be allowed, but the Inspector has simply ignored these concerns. At the same time, he has given substantial weight to the out-dated Waste Local Plan and dubious waste projections, as well as the dreadful, onerous contract signed by the previous County Council and the financial implications of not progressing with incineration

This represents a crushing defeat. The best interests of St Dennis and Mid Cornwall have been sacrificed by politicians and the planning system.

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